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Sleep Study Related Questions, Answered for You


Do I need a prescription for a sleep study?

Yes, after explaining your sleep related problems to your physician they will decide if a sleep study is appropriate for you.  If they believe a sleep study will be helpful, you can give them our information and they will send over an order for the test.

Should I have a home test or an in-lab study?

There are benefits to both.  A home study can be done if you can't sleep in a lab setting.  Home studies are much more abbreviated and are unable to diagnose as many sleep disorders as a full in-lab study.  Full in-lab studies include more sensors and sleeping in a different environment.  Home studies are more prone to less accurate readings.

Do you only test for sleep apnea?

No, full in-lab studies can diagnose more than 80 different sleep disorders.  Home sleep apnea tests are designed to mainly test for sleep apnea, but can give insight into some other sleep disorders.

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